eMerchantClub does these things better than the rest

What sets eMerchantClub apart?

If you’ve spent any time researching how to start an online business, you already know that few companies out there will even pick up the phone to answer your questions. So, what does eMerchantClub do that makes us stand out? Here’s why our members say they joined and what keeps them moving toward their online business goals:

Customized website built for you not by you:

Most online store builders give you a toolbox with some website “parts” that you then have to configure to build a website, and most newcomers never figure it out. eMerchantClub doesn’t do that. We take our time to explain your options to you, you choose the website that suits your ambition and your budget, and we get to work building it. You get to pick the domain name and our web pros do the rest of the setup work.

Products stored in warehouses in the U.S.A.

Other companies use overseas warehouses, so it can take WEEKS for orders to arrive. By the time the order is delivered, many customers have already cancelled and gotten a refund, leaving the website owner to foot the bill (and Covid 19 has made that issue even worse). For the past 20 years and counting, eMerchantClub only connects to American warehouses! We have 3 wholesale drop-shipping warehouses in the USA (and we’re working on getting more), so most orders get shipped same-day and arrive on your shopper’s doorstep quick! Check out our current USA warehouses:

Your website comes ready from day 1

Other website builders require you to not only find and add your own products but also maintain the product line, as well! eMerchantClub doesn’t. You choose the product line you want to sell, and then we build your store with those products, photos, descriptions, and prices already loaded. That means you spend more time doing what you want: making money.

Try it on your terms – no contract

There’s no minimum contract required when you start your online business with eMerchantClub. Try it for a few months and you may find that you want to keep it for 10+ years like some of our members! This gives you the freedom to give it a shot on your terms, at your pace, on your time. If you find that an online business isn’t for you, you can cancel any time.

Real people on staff to help you

This may seem like a no-brainer, but other website builders don’t have live, one-on-one support available. We do. When you have questions about your website or how to market your store to get more shoppers, our friendly staff in our office will answer the phone to help you. There’s no extra charge for our technical support (like some other companies!).

The opportunity to grow

You can grow your business when you’re ready with eMerchantClub. We have a full range of online stores to suit every need, so whether you’re looking for a small-budget startup or ready to upgrade to a store with thousands of opportunities to sell online, one of our friendly pros will help you with a customized plan that fits your dreams and your wallet.

Not an eMerchantClub member yet? We can help you right away when you call us at 1-800-585-0897 and get a website started and/or a wholesale membership so you can access all these products at low, low prices. We build your website for you, give you access to all 3 of our warehouses with wholesale prices, train you on how to best use your website, and give you free technical support when you need it. With no contract or commitment, this is the best way to try out an online business of your own!

Already an eMerchantClub Member? Let us help you get your business to the next level! More shoppers are spending money online right now than ever before and we’re ready to help you get the website of your dreams and the marketing tools you need at the best prices. Call us at 1-800-238-8509 to learn more about what you can do to reach the next level in your business

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