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eMerchantClub was one of the better decisions I have ever made. Getting started was easy, my training mentor was helpful, and customer support is American based and always ready to assist me. I am now a proud owner of my very own online business!

Jame Jackson
My wife and I started with eMerchantClub late 2019. I was impressed with their customer support and responsiveness. The extra income has been a blessing! Thank you eMerchantClub.
Glenn & Anna Sterling
One word... simple! I started with Shopify before giving eMerchantClub a shot. Even had a WooCommerce store for a year. Everything was way to complicated! eMerchantClub makes things easy!
Janet Jenkins




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I’ve been a PC and Internet expert since 1996 and I am completely satisfied with eMerchantClub. They enable you to create your own brand with a complete turnkey website that has all the tools and resources you need to open an online business almost immediately. Plus, the top-notch technical support means as quickly as you can get them on the phone you problems are solved! Aside from how quickly you can get the eMerchantClub team on the phone, their willingness to go through each question is amazing. I had a list of around 25 questions and after finding a lot of great info in the eMerchantClub site support manuals and how-to videos, my list got cut down to around 8 questions that the tech support agent happily helped me find the answers to. I highly recommend eMerchantClub no matter what level of online experience you have — it’s just an all-around excellent system. Thanks for all you do!
The representative who I worked with was absolutely amazing with his suggestions, comments, advice and recommendations he had for me. He satisfied every concern and he exceeded all my expectations! I was excited and well informed after speaking with him, as I always am after speaking with one of the brilliant eMerchantClub representatives. Keep doing an exceptional job!
I have spoken to one particular Technical Support Representative, and she always goes above and beyond to answer my requests to help me figure things out. Thanks for going the extra mile to help me out and listen to my concerns — now that’s techncial support from a live person!
Being an elderly man in my 80s, filling out all the information necessary for my website was a little confusing. I called eMerchantClub and the representative was very patient with me; we finished my customization form in no time. I want to thank everyone.
I am technically challenged, for sure, so I really appreciate all the help that eMerchantClub has given. I am treated with respect and helped though any challenges that arise. Thanks so much!
My experience with eMerchantClub after five years of membership has been great. Whether it’s customer service or technical support, even when I ask the most basic questions, the agents give their full attention. What I like the most is how serious eMerchantClub is about the security of their clients. It makes me, as a business owner, feel safe and secure for both myself and my potential customers. Thanks, eMerchantClub!
eMerchantClub always answers my questions and helps resolve any issues I’m having right away. They are by far the best in the business, no doubt about it. Thank you, eMerchantClub, for your assistance with my webstore!
My eMerchantClub representative was very understanding and helpful. The wait time to talk to a person was not long at all, and they were very clear and patient as they explained it all to me. Well done, eMerchantClub!
After getting my eMerchantClub website, I was running into an issue getting my PayPal account linked to my website. I contacted PayPal but couldn’t get the problem corrected, so I called eMerchantClub. The representative told me I needed to contact PayPal to fix the issue, but I told her that I just couldn’t bear to spend anymore time on the phone with PayPal. My eMerchantClub representative offered to do a 3-way call with me and PayPal, and she explained to the PayPal representative my particular issue. Then my PayPal problem disappeared instantly! You are the very best, and I’m so glad I finally found eMerchantClub. Great work, guys!
I’m 84 years old, so I need all the help I can get with my website. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been patient, answering all of my questions and explaining things to me. They do a very good job. Thanks!
Everyone on the eMerchantClub team has understood my disability problems, and they go above and beyond normal customer service to accommodate me. They have helped me with different steps to succeed and they always give me the best advice.
eMerchantClub is a great value if you are looking for a fully functional website to sell products. I had a great experience getting my website; it was great and there was no pressure like I thought there would be. Bravo to eMerchantClub — I’m looking forward to selling online!
The technical support representatives that I’ve dealt with have been very helpful. It’s a pleasure to be involved with a company that puts such a high standard on customer service. Keep hiring great people — they are the lifeline of your company!.
I was immediately impressed with my eMerchantClub representative. He was personable, professional, and found time to chat with me after answering my questions. I felt like I received first-class care. I was dreading placing the call, as it was my first time and I had prejudice from other companies I have dealt with. I actually put off calling eMerchantClub for a week, but I’m glad I finally placed the call!
My eMerchantClub representative gave me an excellent solutions for what I was trying to accomplish. He took the time to train me on the option I will be using, answered all of my questions, patiently reiterated when I requested, and made sure I understood what I needed to know. Thanks!
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