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Have a question about your e-commerce website? Want to know more about what eMerchantClub offers? Explore our frequently asked questions page where we give you access to all the answers!

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Most frequent questions and answers

eMerchantClub memberships have a standard registration fee. All eMerchantClub member e-commerce website pay a monthly hosting charge of $29.95. There are no hidden costs.

eMerchantClub has over 35,000 wholesale products. These products include but are not limited to: Electionics, home decor, home audio, office, outdoor decor, garden, home theater, kitchen, health and beauty and so much more!

Your first step is to login to your site manager or the backend of your website. This is where you will manage the entire e-commerce store. Visit the Learning Center for a walk-through on how to login and connect your business PayPal.

Visit the link to learn how to log on to your website: Learning Center

You can learn all about setting up a PayPal or Amazon accounts at the Learning Center.

Visit the Learning Center to learn all about setting up promotions.

eMerchantClub gives you a free domain name.

If you decide you want to change your domain name in the future, there is a $35 charge for the domain name change.

If you already have a domain name and want to use it for your eMerchantClub website, no problem!

We can assist with this and provide you with the proper information to update you DNS. Be sure to contact technical support if you need assistance.

If your customers are experiencing delivery issues be sure to double check their order in your site manager. If you need help resolving a customer shipping issues, please contact technical support 877-384-4691

Yes, you can connect a merchant account gateway to your website. Please contact technical support for more information 877-384-4691

Absolutely not. eMerchantClub provides you with the tools for success. You still need to work your business. Your website has a domain name, SSL, and pre-loaded products. You have access to our product warehouses. Despite all of this, you must make sure to market your business to see success.

Our starter website features 50 wholesale products with 100 total products to choose from. If you want to feature more products on your website you will need to upgrade to another webstore. eMerchantClub has a number of options for our members.

You can purchase gift cards that can be used on your eMerchantClub website on merchandise that you sell. Each $10, $25, or $50 gift card comes with a unique code that is only usable on your website. If you are unable to get a physical card to your customer you can email them the code. 

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