Ready to make 2020 your year?!

eMerchantClub has been hard at work to make sure our members have the best products, the best websites, and the best membership perks! In the first half of 2020, we’ve made huge changes, major announcements, and big strides toward offering the absolute best online business opportunity. Just take a look at all the incredible advancements we’ve made in 6 short months!

Now that we have 10,000 products at low, wholesale prices for our members to sell online at retail prices, that means there’s more opportunity than ever before to earn money with an online store! And we’re not done! We’re still looking to add more warehouses in the coming months! 

This is a great time to have a business online because almost everyone is shopping virtually right now. The warehouses we work with are reporting huge increases in orders, some even experiencing six-times more orders than before!They’re have a banner year, eMerchantClub is having a fantastic year, why not make 2020 your biggest year, too?
We want this year to be the best for you, soif you aren’t an eMerchantClub member yet,we have three warehouses full of good reasons why you should try out an online store of your own with us! Call us to find out about our risk-free trial so you can see if selling online is right for you (we don’t have contracts, so you really can try it for as long as you’d like). We don’t want you to miss out on all these great features plus all the great news to come!
If you’re already a member, we’d love to chat with you for a few minutes to show you how you can take all these great 2020 changes and make them work for your business. We are standing by and ready to let you know how you can switch your store’s product line from its current warehouse to another, give you the best deal on essential Search Engine Optimization for your website, tell you all about the exciting Version 21 Update for Magento website owners, and help you make waves of your own in 2020!
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