What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving and formatting the content on your website(s) to drive more traffic. This traffic is known as organic or non-paid search. Think of it this way; a person is searching for a bakery that is close to them. They will go to Google and type in “bakeries in my area” Google will now try and match the most relevant information or websites to the user. Whichever bakery did the best job with their SEO in the area will be presented first to the user. Technically what is happening is Google is “crawling or indexing” the information on your page and matching to the search query with a complex algorithm.

Why is SEO important?

If you have a website, you will understand quickly how important web traffic coming to your website is. One of the best ways to generate web traffic to your website it with SEO. If you do not invest time and effort into improving your SEO your website will not rank on any of the search engines. 

Great SEO can give you a steady flow of organic traffic daily. The SEO traffic that you get is often time the most qualified traffic as well! Meaning, the customer has searched for what you offer and has been matched because of the relevancy of their web search to your website. In other words, they have a high chance of conversion. 

SEO that is set up the right way will often pay dividends years to come!

Blog post are some of the most diverse forms of digital content and they are familiar to most web users. Anyone visiting your web store may want to read your blog posts to learn more about your brand, products, or services.

Some SEO to start with

Here are a few SEO ideas to get started with for your website that will start improving your organic web traffic: 

Google My Business – Get your Google My Business page created. Having a business page with Google is a great way to make some SEO wins. Just make sure all of your business information is accurately represented. Here is an awesome video explaining how to optimize the SEO for your Google My Business page:

Improve user experience – Improving your users experience on your website will benefit you in the eyes of Google and SEO. Google tracks the amount of time users spend on your page(s). If you have a dramatically high bounce rate Google will punish you for this. If your customers are spending a decent amount of time on your website Google knows that they are matching them to a quality source of content, and you will reap the SEO benefits.

Content is king! – Googles search algorithm recently made the switch that rewards websites heavily for informative content that matches a Google users’ intent. The more of this content you have the better the SEO will be on your website. This content can be blog articles, informative web pages creation and great product descriptions. Google wants you to prove what your website is about. The more you spell that our with quality content the more Google will funnel customers to you.

Sort out your metadata – Metadata is the information on your website that speaks to the auto bots that Google sends out to crawl your web pages, images, and content. Properly formatting metadata, descriptions and tags communicate with Googles bots and effectively tell Google what your website is all about.

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