The importance of blogging

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1. Drive web traffic

Blogging can help to drive new organic traffic to your website. Depending on the quality of content and the relevancy to online searches, you can see a small or large increase in web traffic!

2. Convert traffic into leads or sales

Blogging is a great tool for generating leads and sales! When you get traffic from blog content this gives you the opportunity to funnel this traffic into potential customers. Easily recommend a product or service to all blog visitors.

3. Blogging can help with link building

A great benefit of blogging is internal and the coveted external linking to quality websites! Blog content presents the opportunity to better tell the search algorithms what your website is about while simultaneously linking to relevant pages/products. You can also externally link to relevant high page ranking websites that will help boost your SEO even further.

4. Share important brand news

Blogging is a great way for any brand to let it’s visitors know about news, product updates, sales, and more. Easily inform your customers or new web visitors of what you think is important for them to know. 

5. Brand credibility and trust

Quality blogging isn’t typically generated by pop-up dropshipping stores looking to make a quick buck. For this reason, it’s a great idea to product blog content over a long period of time. Potential shoppers will browse your blog, inspect the content for relevancy, then make a buying decision. 

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