Experience the Magento Version 24 Update

Embrace a host of new features aimed at optimizing the functionality, usability, and overall performance of your eMerhcantClub Magento e-commerce websites. Our latest update is packed with innovations to propel your online business forward.

Key Features of the Magento 24 Update

  • Streamlined Page Builder: Leave behind cumbersome coding processes. Our new intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allows for seamless creation, editing, and customization of your web pages.

  • Fortified Admin Security: We prioritize the safety of your site. This update brings multi-factor authentication into the mix, fortifying your admin activities and instilling greater confidence in your site’s security.

  • Upgraded Media Gallery: Navigate a more user-centric interface when uploading visuals. Efficiently manage your media and elevate the allure of your product pages.

  • Improved Integration Tools:

    • AuthorizeNet CIM: Elevate transactional security with tokenized credit card processing, offering your customers a more fluid and safer transaction experience.
    • Avada Marketing Suite: Amplify your marketing game with Avada, a potent alternative to Mailchimp.
  • Adobe Stock Integration: If you have an Adobe account, you can now embellish your media gallery with complimentary, high-caliber images directly from Adobe Stock.

  • Software Version Enhancements: Stay ahead of the curve with the most current and secure editions of PHP and Magento.

  • M2EPro Advancements: Exclusive to our Ultimate website clientele and those utilizing the eBay auction expeditor, this feature unlocks a slew of value-added attributes. At the helm is a detailed analytics dashboard that provides insights into best-selling products and their most popular sales platforms.

  • MagePlaza Extension Upgrades: Dive into a series of thrilling enhancements for beloved MagePlaza extensions like Blog, Social Login, Better Popup, and Social Share. These updates boost both their utility and user-friendliness.

  • Bespoke Extension Innovations: With customization as the centerpiece, we’re rolling out a plethora of custom extensions by eMerchantClub. These grant you amplified control over your online storefront. Spanning functionalities such as catalog attribute setups, promotional pricing index customizations, client-admin level gift card management, and theme customization per client store.

Our Commitment

With the Magento 24 update, our primary goal is to streamline and refine your online selling process. If you need further assistance or questions about the Version 24 update, do not hesitate to call 877-384-4691