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The real deal with dropshipping

You’ve probably heard the term “drop shipping” a lot, but getting the full picture can be difficult. eMerchantClub has built a business that’s been going strong for 20+ years with drop shipping along with fantastic websites and perks for our members. Since we know so much about drop shipping, we’re sharing the facts with you so you can understand the profitable possibilities ahead orders.

Drop shipping means you never have to purchase a product before you’ve already sold it.
Your website sells products at retail price, which your customers pay to you.
You then place the order at your low, wholesale price. The difference in price? That’s YOUR PROFIT!
Our drop-shipping warehouses stock everything for sale on your website, so when your customer buys from you, our warehouses do the rest of the work.
Most of the orders get shipped SAME DAY from our 3 state-of-the-art warehouses.
While other website companies link to overseas warehouses, all of eMerchantClub’s warehouses are located in the USA for fast service!
eMerchantClub has staff to help you with any questions you have about your drop shipping business or specific orders.
Drop shipping doesn’t require you to create, stock, store, or ship anything yourself! That means you don’t have to sink your own money into products or get stuck with leftover items that don’t sell.

EMC TIP: With your low, wholesale prices on every item, you can test out how fast the shipping is by placing an order for yourself! With more than 10,000 products stored in our 3 warehouses, you’re sure to find a few things for yourself and your home.

What can dropshipping do for you?


Drop shipping can be the tool you use to earn a little extra cash each month or make it your main focus with a business-level Magento store from eMerchantClub. The truth is that you can try it out for yourself with our easy, no-contract membership that you can keep for as long as you’d like.
With billions of dollars being spent online right now, don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try? We have memberships and websites for every budget and every business goal, and we’re ready to create one just for you!
eMerchantClub has three incredible drop-shipping warehouses in the USA and our members get these amazing products at low, wholesale prices to sell at retail price and keep the profits. We even offer product memberships without a website if you’d like to shop for yourself or sell your own way. Check out our three warehouses – if you’re not a member, you’ll see all the products at retail price until you get your login credentials:

Did you know that eMerchantClub members get wholesale pricing at all 3 drop-shipping warehouses? Call for More Details: 1-800-238-8509

Not an eMerchantClub Member Yet? Let us give you the details to help you start your online business today: 1-800-585-0897

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