What Happened to Smart Living Company? The Evolution of an E-commerce Giant.

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the e-commerce landscape is ever-evolving. Brands come, go, or evolve, but their legacies remain, imprinted in the annals of online retail history. One such brand that has spurred curiosity among online sellers and shoppers alike is the Smart Living Company. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Whatever happened to the Smart Living Company?”, you’re in the right place. Let’s delve deep into the journey of this iconic brand.

A Storied Past: From SMC to SLC Specialty Merchandise Corporation, or SMC, was a name synonymous with a trusted “work from home” business model for half a century. But like all stories, it too underwent a transformation. In 2012, as the original owners of SMC prepared for retirement, they passed the baton to family friends. This transition was marked by more than just a change in leadership; the business itself underwent significant evolution. The most notable of these was the rebranding from SMC to Smart Living Company.

Smart Living Company emerged with a renewed focus on home and outdoor garden décor. Offering these items at wholesale prices, they continued to uphold the spirit of enabling individuals to establish lucrative home businesses. A testament to SLC’s commitment to innovation and efficiency was their revamped warehouse system, which facilitated same-day shipping for many products. This agility provided members with a competitive edge, enabling them to stand toe-to-toe with major product suppliers.

However, all stories have twists and turns. As we approached the end of 2019, another change was on the horizon. Smart Living Company was acquired by a different drop-shipping company, specializing in home decor products.

eMerchantClub: A Beacon of Continuity in Changing Times Throughout the transitions, from SMC to SLC and beyond, eMerchantClub has remained a steadfast partner. Since 1999, eMerchantClub has been at the forefront, crafting websites for Specialty Merchandise Corporation members. Their adaptability is evident in their seamless transition from serving SMC members to Smart Living Company affiliates.

But eMerchantClub isn’t just about continuity; it’s about growth and evolution. Today, they’ve expanded their horizons even further, collaborating with three diverse drop-shipping warehouses across the United States. Their commitment? Offering a gamut of products online sellers desire, combined with the convenience of easy drop-shipping and the allure of low wholesale prices.

Conclusion In the e-commerce sphere, change is the only constant. Brands may transform, businesses may evolve, but the essence remains. The story of Smart Living Company is a testament to this – a narrative of transformation, evolution, and the undying spirit of enterprise. And through it all, partners like eMerchantClub have stood the test of time, adapting, growing, and ensuring that the legacy of great businesses continues to thrive.

Visit eMerchantClub to discover how they’re keeping the tradition alive, while continuously innovating for the future of e-commerce.

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