Who has a "side hustle" and do you need one?

This year has seen a huge shift, with some traditional jobs disappearing and more people working from home. But even before this year, many people, both employed and unemployed, were searching for a “Side Hustle” to help them bring in more money to pay bills, to live comfortably, or as a passion project to fuel their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Now more than ever, a secondary source of income is what people are looking for.

A side hustle (or side gig) can be anything done on a minimal, part-time basis that earns money. Finding a great way to earn extra income that fits your current lifestyle and schedule, your goals and aspirations, and fuels your dreams can be challenging for some. You, on the other hand, have overcome that challenge of finding a great side hustle — eMerchantClub has a wide range of ways you can customize a side gig that suits your time and talents.

People between the ages of 20 and 75 are making money with side hustles

It’s not shocking that Millennials are making money with side hustles. Did you know that nearly 30% of Baby Boomers are also claiming side hustles help them make ends meet and put money in their pocket for the things they want to do? No matter your age, you can easily find a great side hustle that works like an online store that nets profit on every single sale. eMerchantClub is known for building websites that mean business, and we’ve been doing that for more than 20 years. What makes eMerchantClub stand out from the rest of the online website builders? Quite a lot, actually…

Our members get a fully-loaded online store!

eMerchantClub’s members get access to wholesale products at all 3 of our US warehouses to start. Then, our members get to choose the website that fits their dreams and their budgets (and we have personalized payment plans that can help make that website of their dreams attainable). We then register the domain name for our members’ websites for them at no charge and BUILD their website so that it comes loaded with products, prices, photos, and a shopping cart. We are a full-service web builder with DIY prices. Even more important than all that is we employ real people, right here in our US office, to help you with technical support over the phone when you need it, a great video library of how-to videos, and a staff of marketing pros that can help you get the website that’s perfect for you and the tools you need to get it noticed by shoppers 24/7.

It’s easy to sell on Amazon, eBay, and beyond!

Did you also know that eMerchantClub offers a product membership to all 3 of our US-based wholesale warehouses? It’s true! Getting a wholesale membership is great for people who are already selling on huge marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mercari, and beyond. You can source wholesale products, enjoy lightning-fast shipping direct from our warehouse, and sell items all day (and night) long on these online platforms.

eMerchantClub is a great way to get into the ‘gig economy’

Not an eMerchantClub member yet? We can help you right away when you call us at 1-800-585-0897 and get a website started and/or a wholesale membership so you can access all these products at low, low prices. We build your website for you, give you access to all 3 of our warehouses with wholesale prices, train you on how to best use your website, and give you free technical support when you need it. With no contract or commitment, this is the best way to try out an online business of your own!

Already an eMerchantClub Member? Let us help you get your business to the next level! More shoppers are spending money online right now than ever before and we’re ready to help you get the website of your dreams and the marketing tools you need at the best prices. Call us at 1-800-238-8509 to learn more about what you can do to reach the next level in your business


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