Create customer groups

Creating customer groups can be used to organize your customers into special groupings. For example, you may want to classify a certain customer or group of customers as VIP. 

Follow the documentation to learn how to create your own customer groups and assign customers to particular groups

Creating a customer group

First, login to your Magento admin panel.

Next, navigate to Customers and click Customer Groups

Now you will see your default or existing customer groups. If you want to create a new customer groups click Add New Customer Group

For this example we will be adding a VIP customer group. Name your group and click Save Customer Group

You will now see the new customer group. But before we attempt adding any individual customers to this group let’s make sure to clear/flush our Magento cache. 

Navigate to System > Cache Management > Click Flush Magento Cache

Now that the cache is cleared navigate to Customers > All Customers

Find your customer and click the Edit link. Now click Account information tab and change group dropdown to your newly created customer group. In this case, VIP customers

Clear your cache one more time and you have now successfully added a individual customer to your newly created customer group.